The Hand Rehabilitation Unit 
   Associate of Cape Town Sports & Orthopaedic Clinic         

Treatment Provided

We treat patients who have a upper limb or hand injury or condition. We work closely with orthpaedic and plastic surgeons in the area and aim to provide comprehensive, individualised treatment programmes to ensure maximal, functional recovery to get patients to return to doing what they love. Treatment goals are patient-led according to work or day-to-day functional requirements.

Patients are seen on an individual basis. A thorough initial assessment is required prior to treatment commencing.

Hand Therapy Treatment Modalities:

  • Splinting: custom made splints using thermoplastic, Woodcast or soft splinting material)
  • Oedema management through compression, taping techniques, elevation and active movement modalities
  • Scar management through massage, desensitization and compression therapy 
  • Pressure garments (custom made to reduce swelling, scarring and to promote function)
  • Exercises to improve movement, strength and upper limb proprioception
  • Activity modification
  • Ergonomic modification and advice
  • Joint protection advice
  • Guidance in the use of assistive devices and technologies
  • Thermal treatments
  • Pain treatments

Home exercise programs are utilized and full patient co-operation and compliance is essential. A big emphasis is placed on patient education to enable patients to take control of their recovery and do the necessary treatment on a daily basis as required.